I'll bring the Frey and something serious to say...

Hi, I'm Mr. Organic family man. Seriously, I am. For over 10 years, my life has slowly churned from Pringles to Naughty by Nature (I mean Natural by Nature milk). I've learned that 3rd generation nitrates are evil and never, ever, buy diapers with chlorine. Deodorants -- don't need'em (aluminum). Toothpaste -- I use bee's wax. Hair -- don't brush it (nothing to do with organic, though). Enough with the background, this blog is about wine which is where I will eventually end up.

Yesterday, my wife and her good friend (blog owner), decided that it would be nice to meet and enjoy each other's company over a cozy holiday dinner. My job was to buy an organic wine. That was the easy part -- turns out that someone (blog owner) started blogging about $85 half bottles of wine. Me, I just purchased an expensive home in a crashing real estate market so compared to my usual Yellowtail exploitations, I decided to go all out and spend like a 2007 home equity borrower, and bought Frey Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 (did I mention it was organic?) -- $18.99 (plus tax).

Here's where the story takes a decidedly awkward twist. As we arrive and are cordially greeted to a wonderful, festive, lovely home, I handed over the Frey. We were seated to a table filled with such beautiful food that anyone name Pierre or Jacques would be jealous. I realized that all the organic juice flowing through my veins still had no chance at this cultural extravaganza of a meal. As the cork was unleashed from the $85/ounce wine, I wanted to slowly walk to the men's room and pour out the Frey -- but no way Jose. I was doomed. The $85/per droplet wine was magnificent. The conversation was festive and everyone laughed and joked. Food was devoured. I swear that everyone looked like Vogue models at the table. Then it happened. We finished the $85/per molecule wine and it was on to Frey.

The bottle opened without a hitch and that was the highlight for this wine. It tasted like organic water with a hint of water. The first sip was like the scene in Aliens where the guy comes back after being attacked by an alien, and seems fine, but then at dinner, his stomach starts to hurt and a baby Alien came out of his stomach with sharp teeth -- needless to say, no one was happy. The festive mood turned into depressing conversations about mortgage rates and the need to buy more Ikea furniture.

Conclusion -- If you like Jeopardy, Aliens, or Ben Stein buy Frey, otherwise stay away.

Chateau Climens Sauternes 2007

That empty bottle of Chateau Climens 2007 symbolizes the impatience with which we drank the wine. Each sip was full of joy and fulfillment. Very rich and sweet, this wine doesn't need to be paired with any food, maybe just some fresh berries or fruit.  I can still smell the wine on my fingers... women should use it as a perfume, as men will go crazy for it.

This wine conjures up an image of a nice summer evening, the air still warm, sitting outside with the Chateau Climens on a table, and each time you taste the nectar of heaven, you grow a little bit sad since now you have a little less than before.
If you can afford it, buy a whole case, and even if you cannot afford even a bottle, buy a bottle anyway.

Got a 375ml bottle for $89.95. Wine Advocate - 99 points, Wine Enthusiast - 98, International Wine Cellar - 94, Wine Spectator - 93.

Mas Jullien Coteaux Du Languedoc 2006

End of a week, tired, kids were naughty, rain clouds were gathering, nightfall. Lets just finish the diner, and go get some rest.

Daughter put plates on the table, wife put food. I’ve pooled a bottle of Mas Jullien Coteaux Du Languedoc 2006 from a fridge. First sip – very nice taste, heat ran through my veins. In few minutes everybody was relaxed. That was torn apart during the day become whole during the diner. Kids were sitting near us. Everybody felt united and understood each other without many words.

This is very rear when you can find a joyful wine. Will buy a case when find it on sale next time.

No wonder it got 95 points from Wine Advocate. I got it for $34.34.

Château de Fuisse Pouilly-Fuissé Les Combettes 2006

White wine and sushi, what could be better!? Château de Fuisse Pouilly-Fuissé Les Combettes looks good in intérieur of Japanese restaurant. Rich flavor of the wine should add to rice and raw fish. But alas, a remote taste of cheap brew in this wine spoils the whole picture. Both, the flavor of wine and taste of wonderful fresh fish were disturbed. It is not cheap wine, but at the same time, there is a shade or improper cooking.

Although, homemade macaroons with a roseleaf stuffing is a good addition, which graced with its taste bouquet of this wine.

93 points from Wine Enthusiast, got it for $38.38.

Not bad, not good, wouldn't buy it again.

Château Smith Haut Lafitte Pessac-Leognan 2006

Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte 2006 is a delicious wine, with a very strange effect. I've got it for $38.92. Wine Advocate scores it for 93 points, Wine Spectator – 92, Wine Enthusiast – 90.

The first sip gives a pleasant taste. Wanted to drink more. Before first glass was finished my legs were padded. I've checked how strong the wine, felt melancholic when the glass was empty. The conversation did not go well. One person stood up and walked into another room to sit in silence.

We had amassing appetizer: duck with lemon and herbs, baked pumpkin, and up-side-down mushroom pie with caramelized onion. The table was served beautifully, and the food was very suitable for the wine, still the wine wasn't uniting people, no joy.
It's a lonely wine, to drink alone and think about what's on one's heart.

Yet it seemed that the wine has a history, old France, unhappy time, dull mood.

Bodegas Tradicion Jerez Oloroso 30 Years

My wife made an amazing beef bourguignon by the recipe of Julia Child. I’ve put Bodegas Tradicion Oloroso on the table. This is an expensive sherry, 97 points from the Wine & Spirits. I’ve got it on sale for $67.98. We sat down to try and immediately realized that this is a fine drink, but for a different occasion. It would be good to have a strong wind outside, a hot fire in the fireplace, and smoked sausages, of course. Imagine a hunter's lodge, the smell of leather, wood, and spruce cones. Woodman, who came home after a long day, freezing, exhausted, sat down to get warm by the fire and drink a glass of the sherry.

Another evening, we lit fire in fireplace, light smoke aroma filled the house, a warm blanket was lying in her lap, and smoked meat and hard cheese on a plate. A glass of Bodegas Tradicion Oloroso completed the picture. Combination of smoked meat and the sherry gives a unique taste. First, a variety of woody flavors, some apples, and then, unexpectedly, the delicate flavor of wild mushrooms. Each sip brings warmth and joy. Good to drink alone or with company of someone special. This wine opens heart-to-heart talk or conversation of high matters.

Highly recommend to throw a wand of sage in the fire while tasting the Jerez.

Balvenie, Single Barrel 15 years

How was your week-end? - I asked one of my colleges. Family reunion, he said, a lot of single malt scotch saved it. Wow, you are not just my college, we share the same taste! Which one you had? Balvenie. Balvenie!? Of course I know this brand, so much ad of Balvenie around. This is the reason I nether tried it. The ad makes it no special but commercialized. But, I guess this is the time. I've bought a bottle. Good balanced taste – nothing special. Old good scotch. I imagine people of Scotland drank it hundred years ago and they are drinking it now. Is this good or bad? I don't know. But I think the whole idea of single malt is exploration, to always find something new and good. I found good but no new. This bottle I can enjoy with my friends and alone. This is universal whiskey. More likely I'll always have a bottle of some Balvenie in my bar and nether will be saving it for a special day.