I'll bring the Frey and something serious to say...

Hi, I'm Mr. Organic family man. Seriously, I am. For over 10 years, my life has slowly churned from Pringles to Naughty by Nature (I mean Natural by Nature milk). I've learned that 3rd generation nitrates are evil and never, ever, buy diapers with chlorine. Deodorants -- don't need'em (aluminum). Toothpaste -- I use bee's wax. Hair -- don't brush it (nothing to do with organic, though). Enough with the background, this blog is about wine which is where I will eventually end up.

Yesterday, my wife and her good friend (blog owner), decided that it would be nice to meet and enjoy each other's company over a cozy holiday dinner. My job was to buy an organic wine. That was the easy part -- turns out that someone (blog owner) started blogging about $85 half bottles of wine. Me, I just purchased an expensive home in a crashing real estate market so compared to my usual Yellowtail exploitations, I decided to go all out and spend like a 2007 home equity borrower, and bought Frey Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 (did I mention it was organic?) -- $18.99 (plus tax).

Here's where the story takes a decidedly awkward twist. As we arrive and are cordially greeted to a wonderful, festive, lovely home, I handed over the Frey. We were seated to a table filled with such beautiful food that anyone name Pierre or Jacques would be jealous. I realized that all the organic juice flowing through my veins still had no chance at this cultural extravaganza of a meal. As the cork was unleashed from the $85/ounce wine, I wanted to slowly walk to the men's room and pour out the Frey -- but no way Jose. I was doomed. The $85/per droplet wine was magnificent. The conversation was festive and everyone laughed and joked. Food was devoured. I swear that everyone looked like Vogue models at the table. Then it happened. We finished the $85/per molecule wine and it was on to Frey.

The bottle opened without a hitch and that was the highlight for this wine. It tasted like organic water with a hint of water. The first sip was like the scene in Aliens where the guy comes back after being attacked by an alien, and seems fine, but then at dinner, his stomach starts to hurt and a baby Alien came out of his stomach with sharp teeth -- needless to say, no one was happy. The festive mood turned into depressing conversations about mortgage rates and the need to buy more Ikea furniture.

Conclusion -- If you like Jeopardy, Aliens, or Ben Stein buy Frey, otherwise stay away.


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